4-points MARBAG

Filling system  

  • open
  • filling spout
  • skirt
  • conical top
  • conical filling spout
      spout diameter: 20-90 cm -  length: 40-100 cm

 Emptying system

  • closed bottom 
  • single emptying spout
  • double emptying spout
  • emptying spout with pyjama closure
  • emptying spout with bottom flap
  •  skirt with crossclosing
  • skirt with starbottom
  • conical bottom with emptying spout
            spout diameter: 20-90 cm -  length: 40-100 cm

Closing system

  • rope
         - B-lock
         - Fix-lock
  • metal buckle


  • standard loops sewn vertically in the corners
  • cross-corner loops sewn on the reinforcement bands woven into the fabric

    Colours available : white, black, blue, green and red.


  •  standard inner liner with side fold
  •  preformed inner liner, bottle-shaped on both filling and emptying spouts - for maximum filling and   unloading comfort
  •  formstable quadroliner, which retains its square shape after filling  
    There are various technical possibilities for fixing the liner in the FIBC. 
  • Compositions : LDPE, HDPE, PP, Alucomplex, Carbon and permanent antistatic LDPE (type L2)
  • Type C bags require a carbon inner bag
  • The aluminium complex provides a perfect odour and humidity barrier
  • Type B bags require a permanent antistatic LDPE liner (type L2) with a surface resistance between10Ω and 1012 Ω .

  Safety Factor (SF)


 Safe Working Load (SWL)

    500 kg          1500 kg
  1000 kg          1750 kg
  1250 kg          2000 kg


  • coated or uncoated flat woven Sulzer or round woven Starlinger
  • with or without duststop seam
  • UV stabilized
  • standard colour white, other colours possible
  • width: 55 to 125 cm in steps of 5 cm
    Ventilated fabric with ventilation strips, with application in the food  and other sectors (especially for vegetables, wood, products to be drained...) 
4-points MARBAG

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